Portfolio Management


Before investing, ensure that you have clear, attainable and realistic goals for your money. Investing money in the markets without goals is gambling. We make sure that you have a financial plan done before investing dollar one.



Build a portfolio that best meets your risk level and objectives, taking into account the different life goals you're looking to fund. Diversify but don’t diworsify: only add an investment to your portfolio if it effectively diversifies your portfolio.



Maintain a long-term perspective and remember your goals and strategy. Don’t be greedy, chasing investment fads, hot stocks, or “stories”. Don’t fall for the fear-propagation of media or talking heads on TV. Review your investments (and your goals) regularly. Rebalance.

Active Investment Management

Access to IPOs

Our clients have unparalleled access to new initial public offerings from across the globe. As Canaccord Genuity is an independent firm, we have access to innovative asset classes.



Clients have access to many of our companies that have decided to raise capital through the issuance of equity or debt. This common market activity allows clients to purchase stock or debt as reasonabel valuations.


Alternative Investments

This service is designed to address the needs of our high net worth clients and family offices through sourcing alternative investments including: private equity funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, mezzanine finds, opportunistic funds, and private placements.